Looking for a Good Conversation

Alright I know by now you’ve read my profile (hopefully) if not I hope you do! Just to re-iterate who I am; I am a Passionate Pursuer of My Father God! I am absolutely 100% in love with my husband! I absolutely adore my children & grandchildren! Of course my profile told you that right? Ha, ha! Here’s the deal! I love to have a good conversation! I love to sit around and talk, I see all the guys are shaking their head “as if that’s not obvious” my response, no profiling here, lol! I mean who doesn’t love good conversation? Especially the kind that makes you laugh so hard you pee in your pants! lol! Ha, ha! I mean the kind that you have to get down on the floor cause you’re laughing so hard your belly hurts, you’re eyes are watering & you can’t breathe?

One thing I have noticed is that life is so hard sometimes & so busy that we often overlook the moments of joy that God sends our way! We don’t make time anymore to sit on front porches or around dinner tables and have good old fashioned conversation! I miss that! To this day my kids will tell you that suppertime is a time for family, food and conversation! You will not eat in front of the TV at my house! It will not be on period, you will not have any kind of electronic device either, No way! I want to interact and learn about my families day! What’s new at school or in the news and what my family thinks about it! You would be surprised at how much you look forward to those times each day!

I would say turn off your electronics and lets have some good old conversation but hey if you turned it off, you couldn’t read my blog now could you? Ha, ha! So tell you what… Grab you a cup of coffee or a spot of tea and let’s gets cozy and have some good old converstaion ok. What do you say? We will share you & I and we will laugh until our sides split & we will cry only because we laughed so hard it’s necessary! For a moment we will forget the outside world and get lost in the art of conversation!

So sit down, get comfortable, grab a cup of something refreshing & lets talk and laugh & remember when… ok!

Looking forwarding to meeting new people, learning about new places & hearing your fabulous stories that make up each of your lives!

From my front porch to yours!