Texas Fun & Texas Sun!

   Well, today believe it or not is a rather cold blustery day for Texas. Especially this part of Texas. By now we would be sunning on the deck and taking a swim in the pool. Not this year, this year we are looking at the pool and shuddering at the thought of getting in it. Usually my husband has it all cleaned out and grand kids are laughing and playing and having a good ole Texas time!

     I wonder if somehow like Rumpelstiltskin we slept for a year or two and our calender was all messed up when we woke up. Surely this can’t be close to Summer, right? I mean springtime round here involves 90 + degree temperatures, iced tea & Texas sun.     

    This year however we are seeing those kind of temperatures from the fireplace,  cuddled up under soft blankets and sipping hot coffee or cocoa. I have to look at my phone GPS and make sure my phone is still in Texas.  ha, ha!

     Mind you I am not complaining. Before I know it it will be 100 + degrees outside and I will be looking for a cool place to dry off. The humidity will overtake us soon enough and a towel for wiping sweat will be our new and best accessory.

      The best thing about summer for us is that soon we will be loading up the truck looking like Ma & Pa Kettle (for those old enough to remember) and heading to the beach.

     Yep, it’s time to make some new summer memories of conversations around the fireside, a huge bull red on the line & sand crabs scurrying around your feet.

     Good friends, loving families and good old Texas fun in the sun! It really doesn’t get any better than that!

     I can’t wait for summer!

                                                                              From my front porch to yours!