Oh Pooh Bear!

   How many times have I sat and watched Winnie the Pooh and thought how nice it would be to live in the hundred acre woods.

Dancing through the majestic trees with my best pal Piglet.

Laughing at rabbit while he tries to plant his garden.

 Wishing I had a tail to bounce on like Tigger. Grrr He’s the only one though! Laughing at owl while trying to help Eeyore be happy!

   Oh the beautiful happy days of childhood when thoughts were simple & ideas grand! 

I could imagine the impossible and fly into the unknown with no horizon so far away that it could not be reached.

Long before the Back Yardigans became popular there was Pooh! I love Pooh! He was so cute yes, but he was also compassionate and thoughtful!

He would have daring adventures with Piglet and yet he would never seem to find the pot of hunny as he called it. Yes Pooh, the cute, cuddly thoughtful little bear who captured our heart and imaginations so long ago.
If we were honest deep down we all want to be like Pooh. I mean who grows up wanting to be Eeyore? Poor guy, always losing something. Remember the time he lost his house and come to find out Piglet had it all along. Boy what a mess and we go oh poor guy he was so kind not to take it from Piglet.

Look at Eeyore and tell me what you see?

I see a depressed little guy that nothing ever went his way, or so he thought.
Everything acutally went his way because in the end it all worked out for his good.
You see we live like that more often than not.
 We want or even say that we are Pooh when in fact we are Eeyore, hiding behind masks that we wear to cover up who and what we really are. Pooh was happy, all he really needed was quite simple. He needed his hunny and he needed his best bud piglet.

Life was not complicated for this cute little bear.

We are not like this, if we are honest, we are not content with the simple things of life. We want more and we demand more.We want only the pleasant things of life. What Eeyore really wanted was to feel like he was a part of the group and although he was, he never actually felt that way. How many of us are the exact same way. We want to be part of the group, but never really feel we are!
I woke up this morning feeling like a impostor before the Lord. I’m like Lord why do you put up with me? I’m not part of anything good there is nothing good in me. So God says yea that’s why I sent you my Son! So God why am I here? God’s answer to me was simple; I will be found of those who diligently seek Me.
Hebrews 11:6
But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. 
You see when I focus on me I’m not focused on Him. Everything I am is tied up in who He is.
Colossians 3:3
For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.
 So like Eeyore I grumbled my way to the coffee pot. Not quite the answer I wanted, you’ve been there right? But you see it is the answer I needed. The answer to our lives often lies in the simplest of things or ways. We make them difficult by not believing. The thought God spoke to me was preceded by me having to have faith first and then I had to believe He exist. If I don’t have faith I can’t believe He is real. You can’t believe in who or what you cannot see without faith! He looks for faith when He comes.
Eeyore eventually found a home thanks to all his friends. I don’t remember he may have gotten his original house back. The point I am trying to make is this; everything in your life will eventually work it’s way out and things will turn around for good. The thing is how are you walking it out? Grumbling or with faith? This is so essential for us who name HIS name?

He is not looking for solutions from us, He is looking for faith in us.

Write that down somewhere.

Life is not the hundred acre woods unfortunately and unlike Pooh there is not a answer we understand to everything we go through. The challenge is in not being Eeyore and walking head down with our voice subdued.

God is working good in every circumstance we face.

The challenge to us is do we believe?
Today I challenge you to not only be a child of God, but walk like one! God is not Pooh He will provide for your every need. Walk this thing called life out by faith.
Walk with courage child of God!
Live with Passion toward Your Creator!

Dance on the devils head every chance you get and give him a migraine!