“One Bite or Two”


   Lord where are you in all these messes you read about or hear about. Seems like every single day you turn on the news and somebody is divorcing, somebody killed their spouse or killed or molested their kid(s). On & on the horrors spill forth from the page or gush from the blaring TV’s you encounter every place you go.  
Sodom & Gomorrah
   Golly, I wonder if Sodom is looking up from hell going “We never did any of that!” When does the firework show start? I know you are not putting up with that kind of behavior God!”  I cannot imagine a world that is more wicked than the one in which we live. The days of unlocked doors and hand shaken promises are long gone.
What If
  Neighbors have been replaced with what ifs. What if he or she is a child molester, what if he or she is a murderer, what if he or she is a thief. We never unlock our dead bolts long enough to catch a glimpse of the people inside. We stay locked behind walls built to keep others out all the while imprisoning us with in.
The whole reason I am writing is because I am venting…again. Jesus was real so why can’t I be?

I was perusing the news headlines today when an article caught my eye. I have really stopped reading the news or even listening to it because I couldn’t handle the negative any longer. Today I’m a little bit bored at work so I was perusing Fox News Headlines to see what’s what and if anything really has changed. Now before you preach too me about keeping up with the issues, I do keep up so I know what’s going on whether I like it or not.

Say What
I attached the link for you to read. (I caution you it is very graphic. Not for children to see please use discretion when opening in front of children)
  This particular article was about a lady in Vermont that had a face transplant (I like out of the ordinary news) so I opened the link and much to my horror, discovered that she had in fact received a new face. What I learned shocked and appalled me at the same time. She needed the new face because her husband, her husband burned hers off with lye he obtained from a refinery. I have to pause here because honestly I could throw up. When I think about the physical pain she endured from this I really do have to pause or I will be sick. How could a person who has promised to love someone until death do us part, to serve the other with honor all the days of their lives, in sickness, poverty or wealth, how could they do this to the one they love. I can’t even begin to imagine how they even let the thought enter their brain to begin with.  It is inconceivable that such madness exists and yet it does. Sadly enough it has become so commonplace that this article fell way down the line of articles of interest. I think it should be a headline “Woman Receives a New Life with a new Face” or something like that.
Cry of My Heart
I bow my head and I close my eyes and I ask God how long? How long must these kinds of injustices go on before YOU step through those clouds with all your flaming Glory and Holiness and You bring sin and all of its ugly nature to its knees? How Long God? Then I remember the faithful mercy of God that is new every morning the faithfulness that never fails. I am reminded that it was my sin that nailed Him to a rough and rugged tree. It was my sin and my betrayal that stripped me of my right to be His bride. I hang my head and cry because my sin cost Him everything. I am the one who threw acid in His face and He did not open His mouth nor did He walk away.
  I think of this poor lady and the tragedy that she endured all because sin entered the world through one bite of forbidden fruit and I fall to my knees ashamed. Ashamed because had I been eve I would have done exactly the same and the results would be exactly the same. No more can I lay blame at another’s door; no longer can I walk with pride in my heart and say I would not have done that.
The Ugliness of Sin
You see the day sin entered the world everything and I mean everything became possible. There is no tree without a seed and there is no fruit without a tree. The same seed that produced the tree ultimately produced the fruit that the tree bore. Sin people, produces bad fruit that touches everything and everyone with ugliness and death. I cannot go back to the garden and withdraw the bite, but I can go to my garden and weed out the bad seeds and destroy them.
Wishful Regrets
  How many times do you think Eve wished and dreamed of a redo of that scene? How many times do you think she was reminded by that wind bagged devil that she had betrayed her husband, not to mention, God Almighty?  How many tears fell on sleepless nights wreathed in breathless anguished cries? How many times do you think she said what if? Not only did she take a bite, she compelled Adam to do the same. I would imagine the devil taunted her with; “not only did you take a bite, you took two!” How many times do we wrestle with the same taunting whine of our enemy? How many regrets do we have? How many tears have you cried in the lonely hours of the night?

I do so hope that the woman mentioned above finds peace in God who is able to comfort as no other could. It is my hope that her husband was/is remorseful and repents.
 I want to leave this long winded blog with a thought or two for you to maybe ponder…
Serious Reflections
  What, if before we commit something unfathomable in our lives we thought of all the repercussions it would bring? What if we thought about all the repercussions our sin did bring to Him? The one who loves us more than we can imagine. What if we said Jesus, I mean cried out with a screaming voice full of tears JESUS I’m So Sorry…

I can’t answer the what ifs for you but I know that when I cried out to HIM this way He showed up for real and left me with a vision so haunting that to this day I see it as if it just happened.
Sin is sin and it’s serious
Sin is not casual nor is it forgettable my friend. It cost Him everything and before you nail someone to the wall about theirs, think about your own and cry out to Him for Mercy. I’m telling you as one disciple to the other or maybe your lost and don’t know Him, I’m telling you, that you would have taken a bite of the fruit that day same as she did.
If you don’t know Jesus and would like to know Him or just have a need for someone to pray with you please let me know. My email is redeemed3470@gmail.com I would be glad to show you to Jesus!  If you want to hear about my life changing vision you can also email me at the same address I love to share it. I just ask you to be patient with me as I will do my very best to answer you speedily. I am a wife and mom with a full time job! I answer as quickly as possible!
In Christ I’m hidden in God,