“Ordinary Living in Extraordinary Times”

   Ok so Maybe I’m crazy then again maybe I’m not? Only God can answer that question for me. If you have the time I want to push your thoughts around a little and see if I’m on track or just venting in my older age. Sometimes though I feel as if I am losing my mind/ I look around me and I see all this weird stuff happening in this world and I think to myself. “This world has gone slap nuts” Yet each day I get up and I try to force ordinary living in extraordinary times”  
   When I say nuts, I’m not just referring to terrorist or religious zealots. Nor am I talking about bombs threatened or otherwise. I’m not even talking about Mass shootings at malls or schools. I’m really talking about something that is far more sinister and way more devastating in its wake. I’m talking about apathy. I’m talking about the depths that humanity has gone and will go to reach the hidden depths of depravity. They are going so far down they are waking up devils before their time. The devils are even protesting not to send them out yet. “No, No, No they scream not yet, that bunch up there scares me!” Wake up people I’m talking about apathy.
   We are past losing families; we are past losing husbands/wives. We are past losing our children. We are losing God, the real Holy and Righteous Omniscient, Omnipotent God! Yet we go on day to day, la dad a de da daa, Life is good my families fine, my accounts are full what’s mine is mine. Yet all around you depravity is creeping in, and it’s sucking at the life of your children, stealing the loyalty of your husband/wife. It claws at the integrity of our minds and tries to snatch the Holiness of God from our grip.
WAKE UP!!!!!
   Question is Do we care? Do you care? Do you care that statistically if we keep moving this direction that suicide will surpass alcoholism or drug abuse? Do we care that satan has gone on vacation because the havoc he wreaked in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s the destruction he planted in the 70’s 80’s & 90’s worked like a charm and rather than having to work we are doing it for him.
Do you hear what I am saying?
   Sadly I don’t know if we care or not. While destruction & death & depravity slowly swallow us up, we continue to walk on as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. It’s a sign of the times. We have church people confessing that once they believed now they aren’t so sure; “well you know that ideology is antiquated, I’m more educated now.” I really don’t need an author of a book I’ve never seen telling me how to live a life I can.”
    I’m talking about Christian people, people sitting on pews who have never read the Word of God for themselves. Yes I’m talking to you. I hear you “Oh no she didn’t say that…Oh I know she did not!”
Yes I did
   I have watched the church over the years go through many, many things, surviving against insurmountable odds. Yet I don’t know if she can survive this one. The one home run satan left in his bag of evil tricks has been played. Apathy looks to be a triple hitter. Years ago the church started spiraling when she stopped preaching “the wages of sin is death”  Romans 6:23 She started preaching tolerance and peace among all men. Yes the death knoll started tolling on that day.
   We started preaching that God is a forgiving God who understands our humanity. His grace covering every stain. Is this true? Absolutely! Is this all there is to grace? Absolutely not! Grace as defined by the Strong’s concordance is: the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life. If you have the true grace of God in your heart you will truly represent Holy God.
   Sadly enough, we go on preaching about a tolerant God who doesn’t look at us with anything but love and favor. Any kind of un-comfortableness or trouble comes from satan in our mind, because this modern God doesn’t do it that way anymore. That was for Sodom & Gomorrah. That kind of preaching was for Ananias and Sapphira .
   While we sit in our comfortable pews soaking up air conditioned air, our spouses and children are being sucked into obscurity and the cesspools of the world by a devil called depravity. To the horror of heaven and the host of angels we continue to sing Jesus loves me this I know. La da dade dadeda  Ooh isn’t the worship fabulous, isn’t the speaker just so charismatic, isn’t the sanctuary just gorgeous. Angels are weeping and the great cloud of witnesses are mourning.
   We sing we dance while every note bounces off empty hearts and broken vessels. We have lost the truths of God’s word. We have lost pastors not intimidated by offering plates and attendance boards. We have seen men and women twist the Word of Holy God to fit their congregations so they can keep their status as reverend.
   The only one on their knees anymore is the hardworking people providing the janitorial service. They are down there picking up our strewn coffee cups and donut crumbs.
The Blood is Still Alive
John 6:54
   The blood is still the blood. Life is still in the blood. Our life is wrapped up in His blood. Without His blood we have no life. Without His life we are on an expressway shooting straight to a literal hell never intended for mankind. Don’t tell me God is a loving God who won’t throw you in hell. Yes He will, He gave you His Son, He gave you everything and the ONLY thing He requires is that You accept His Son.
Ordinary Living in Extraordinary times.
   We better wake up and fall down on our knees. God is love and He loves us more than we can ever imagine, but don’t you ever kid yourself into believing that He overlooks sin. He does understand our human state but that understanding always brings His correction. His correction brings Holiness if we let it.
The Great White Throne
Revelation 20:11 / Matthew 7:23
   I shudder to think of the mass sea of humanity standing in the presence of a Holy Righteous God as He reads their name out loud and with tears falling down His cheeks like rain, voice quivering like the sea, while He says “Depart from me, I never knew you!” I hear the feeble pleas of the millions say…but Jesus the pastor assured me I was ok, but Jesus I walked down the aisle as a child, no, I didn’t follow you in my life but I thought I was ok cause once saved always saved right, but Jesus I sang in the choir, I was a deacon, I was a youth leader, I was a church secretary, I went to nursing homes.
    Jesus says weeping; but did you follow me? Jesus says crying, did you know me? In anguish Jesus cries,  did you invite me in your life to guide you, did you give me all of your heart, did you spend time with me, and did you read my book and learn of me? from across the great hall I hear God stand up from the throne and with a voice like a roar shaking the foundations of Heaven like a lion roaring. I hear Him bellow ENOUGH…. ENOUGH! I gave you my Son, My Son gave you His Life! Keeper take them away….One by one they are lead screaming and pleading I’m sorry please one more chance, please…
Words Do Really Count
Those three words are enough to bring a knot to my throat, pain in my gut and a quiver in my feet. I do not want to hear those words Depart from me… I want to be all that I can be for the one who became all for me!
   I want to leave you with this in mind. Jesus said if you come unto me I will in no wise cast you out John 6:37. He also said that He came to give life and that more abundantly John 10:10. There is hope in Jesus. There is absolute security in Him. It says He perfects forever or (has perfected forever)(I love that verse) those that follow Him Hebrews 10:14.
  The key is to follow Him wherever He leads. It’s not enough and never has been to say a prayer or sign a card. The life truly changed is the life that wholly follows the Lord. The old man becoming a new man in Him. Do you know my Jesus! If not let me show you who He is!
In Christ,
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Live each day like it’s your last, dance on the devils head while you can!
God Bless