When It’s Okay to be Ordinarily Average

Is it Okay to be Average?

I am constantly amazed how each day we move toward being a me only society. We constantly clamor and push to succeed and be first.
No more are we taught to do our best, now we are taught to be the best. We have experts on every single subject that can be named or thought. You cannot even watch the news without having “experts” to tell you what was said.

Am I the only one that thinks this has gone way to far?

I mean when is it okay to be normal and average.

Seriously, why do we have to excel at every single thing?

Do we really think this is a realistic goal?

Yet, more and more we fall into depression because we do not excel at every single thing in our lives. Parents so intent on their child being the best ball player, dancer or singer will spend thousands of dollars on lessons or coaches then fall into anger or despair when their child is not the most gifted or talented child around. Sometimes even going so far as to being belligerent and hostile towards anyone who disagrees with the notion their child is not the absolute best.

We need a shaking, a wake up call if you will.

We are creating monsters in our children by not allowing them to fail or not be the best.

Remembering When…Sigh…

I remember when baseball used to be fun.

I remember when singing in the school play was a blast.

I remember when cheerleaders cheered for the team and not performed for the audience.

The Point of No Return…

Eventually this will take our society to a place of no return and sadly we may already be there. There is a point where you cannot go any farther. When you’ve reached a plateau that you have run out of steam and you must stop. The day you realize that no matter what you excel at there will be always be someone better than you are. This reality is causing more suicides and murders on a daily basis than the statistics will ever show. No-one is content with being average.

The rage that comes when you have given everything you have to give and it is not enough. The day you realize that your voice matters very little in the grand scheme of things. This is a day that is every ones worst nightmare, the day you have to admit you don’t and can’t excel at everything. This is a defeat people can’t handle and that turns into rage that results in nightmares for people caught in their path.

For better or Worse…

I was meditating recently on all the voices that are clamoring to be heard. You have millions on social media sites and chat rooms. Chatter, chatter, talking, talking, talking but how much is really being “heard” I mean who has the time, and not trying to be mean, or the inclination to read every single blog or thought posted via Twitter, Google or Facebook? Are you really on the social media sites to be a listener or a talker? If you were to be honest you would have to say to be a talker?

So I am thinking that maybe just maybe it is time to personally shut down the chatter. To become that person who is a listener rather than a speaker.

Is it Possible to be Mary in a Martha world?

It is time to become a Mary in a Martha world. Just to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen rather than be heard. I can’t help but feel that in all the chatter Jesus is not even being heard. Take that as you will.


So I am going to challenge you if you read this… Stop trying to be heard and listen today. If you are constantly trying to get your blog read or song heard, stop and let Jesus be your audience and then sit quietly at His feet. It is okay to be average.

Jesus didn’t request you to be the best but to give your best . Let Him be Glorified.

I think if we were totally honest it is really about us being glorified when we clamor to be the best rather than letting Jesus be Glorified in us even when were/are average!

Tell yourself it is okay not to be heard.

Tell yourself I don’t have to be first in line.

Tell yourself it’s okay not to get to the stop sign first.

Tell yourself it’s okay not to have the nicest house or car.

It’s okay that I am not the most beautiful person on the planet.

Tell yourself it’s okay that you are not the most sought out celebrity.

I could name a million other things but I think you can get my drift here.

You are the best because…

The whole entire reason God created us in the first place was to have fellowship with us. This is the one thing we don’t do. We are so busy trying to “become _____” you fill in the blank that we don’t have time to be what He created us to be.

When we get that figured out and we become what He created us to be, we will then have given HIM our very best and we will be the best.

We will be the best because we will be as Paul said in Colossians 3:3 For ye (that’s us who have rec’d. Jesus) are dead and your (again us) life now hid with Christ in God!


People how much greater can you actually be than that?

Can someone please explain to me how you can be any better than God?

When I put off myself and take on Christ I am absolutely everything I can ever be this side of Glory!

The question you must answer for yourself is this? Is it enough? As long as you seek to promote yourself you will have to answer no, it’s not enough.

Average becomes Exceptional

When I put off myself and my agenda then and only then does my average become exceptional. I have laid down what I am not and I have taken on everything that Jesus is… Think about that. Jesus is the fullness of the GODhead in flesh and bone. Try topping that one! You cannot~!

In Conclusion…

King Solomon said it best when he said this…

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

I’m hid with Christ!