I always love it when God speaks…

Yea right, most of the time if we’re honest we can’t say that we’re actually all that glad. Matter of fact we try to wipe out that still small voice with “I bind you” attributing His voice for that of our enemy.  Most of the time what God has to say we would really like to say “whatever” to. 

I’m am right and the truth hurts!

Recently He has been driving it in that life is really not about me at all! It is in all actuality, solely about Him! We like to pretend we know this but we don’t know or maybe we don’t care or we would live differently. We would stop preaching it, blogging it, singing it and start living it.
To us, we think this is selfish, but that really is the creation saying to the creator… Uh excuse me but that’s not fair! 
We have swallowed this self help, Jesus is our therapist for so long we don’t even actually know how to pray anymore! 

Matthew 6:9-15

Jesus said to pray: Our Father, who art in Heaven hallowed be Thy name… Most of us would have to stop there because in truth we don’t honor His name, much less hallow it! 
We think of Him more in the terms of old man in the sky or daddy~o! 

What would our lives look like if we reverenced His name? 

Then Jesus said to say this: Thy (meaning God) kingdom come, THY WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven!
Think about that! How much back talk and grumbling or jockeying for position is going on there? 
Ask satan, he could tell you who’s boss there!
So here’s the deal! 

Humble yourself and let Gods will be done in your life! 
Honestly, you and I just mess everything up when we try to out God Him! You can’t do it, I can’t do it so lets submit to His will over us! 
He is working something in us for His Glory and its not about us! It’s about whomever He has chosen us to reach for His Glory! 
We talk about tithe and that’s awesome but what if you gave God 10% of yourself! That is really not allot and see what He can do through you! 
I don’t mean 10% of yourself that you are calling the shots, I mean 10% that you have completely surrendered to Him letting Him be who He is!
It’s a test, are you up to the challenge! 

I would imagine that if we are faithful to give a little it won’t be long before we wish all of our time could be solely devoted to Him!

Just one final thought…

What if God only gave us 10% of Himself? Which part would you be willing to forfeit; the virgin birth, the cross or the resurrection?

As always!
I’m Hid with Christ!