Knock, Knock…Who’s there?

OK, OK who hasn’t heard a million knock, knock jokes over the course of their life?

Better yet…

Who hasn’t told a million knock, knock jokes over the course of their lives?

The most famous one:

Knock, knock.

Who there?


Banana who?

Knock, knock…

This joke repeats itself until the recipient is frustrated and then the jokes punch line comes roaring to life….

Knock, knock…



Orange Who…sigh…

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana…


If you’re like me the only time I find this joke cute is when it’s a kid telling it, and they are under five years old…

Inevitably they will get the joke wrong and that makes it funny because they think they got it right.

As annoying as the joke is I believe it can have some symbolism to us as Christians…

Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Knock, knock…

Who’s there.


Jesus who…

Oh wait Jesus, is that you?

I haven’t seen You in awhile…

Wait now that I think about it I didn’t know You weren’t here…

No child I haven’t been here remember you got so busy we stopped talking, next thing I knew you weren’t coming back home for days on end.

Finally I just left because I was only in your way.

What?! No Lord, You’re not in the way, please, please come in…

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I noticed that I was lonely and things around here didn’t look so clean anymore but I was so busy working for You I overlooked it.

I thought I would get back to it eventually…

Forgive me Lord please stay!

Then on the other side….
Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

As your thoughts are going round and round…

(gee… I hope it’s nothing important I have allot to do, I really don’t have time for this. I’ve got to pick up kids, clean the house/ mow the yard…. gee I wish people wouldn’t knock on my door. I’m really busy…I wonder if I’m really, really quite if they will think I’m not home… )


I know I will hide in the back room, they will never hear me back there.

knock, knock…

knock, knock…

Gee I wished they would quit knocking, grrr. I would look at the window but they will see me and will know I’m home. I really don’t have time for this

knock, knock…

knock, knock…

As the visitor finally turns away in great sadness and sorrow of heart.  Quietly leaving the home without achieving His one true purpose.

He had a gift to give because He loved the owner of that house so much. It was a wonderful gift that would have brought the owner such great joy!

So with a sigh and a tear rolling down His cheek He turns to go, He will never pass this way again.

Meanwhile back at the house, the knocking has ceased and curious the owner withdraws from the back room…

Peeking out the curtains trying to catch of glimpse of the visitor, only to see the outline from a great distance away.

That’s odd why does it seems as if they are sad?

I wonder who it might have been?

Curiously a sadness lingers in their heart and they wonder if perhaps they should have answered the door despite the great cares upon their heart.

As quickly as the thought comes it leaves as the distractions of life come roaring back to mind…

Oh well I didn’t have the time anyway so, with all that waiting for Him to go I really don’t have time now.

This is just a silly analogy that I’m using to convey a truth.

The truth being that Jesus, the Lord of Glory stands at your door and HE knocks, and knocks.

If by chance you did open the door, did you let Him in?

I doubt that if you were to catch a glimpse of Him you would be impressed.

Isaiah said He had no form or comeliness (despite Hollywood projection) Simply put Jesus was ugly, and was not muscled out and attractive.

He didn’t want you to come based on a visual judgment…

That’s a subject that I’m not getting into because that’s not my point here.

The point is this…

Jesus is knocking on your heart’s door today?

Have you opened the door?

Would you let Him come in?

You see, Jesus doesn’t want to just come in and visit with you.

He didn’t come over to share coffee and tea and talk about me.

He has come to take possession of your house!

To sanctify you with His blood.

He wants full possession of you!

Are you willing to let Him in!

Are you willing to give Him the Master Suite?

Are you willing to give Him your ministry, your book deals, your TV deals?

Are you willing to give HIm your families, your possesions however great or small they are?

Are you willing to give Him your health?

Are you willing to relinquish control over your life for eternity?

Let me ask you a question and I’m gonna wrap this up.

I really, really, really want you to meditate on it before you answer it.

If Jesus is knocking at your door and your have truly let Him in..

Then who does the house look like now?

You or Him!

See many, many people name the name of Christ but you absolutely cannot tell that walking down the street, going to the store, going to school, going to church…

Yep I said church… yikes…

To have Christ fully dwelling within you is to look exactly like Him…

Is it a express makeover, no way!

But let me say this…

If the Lord of Glory resides in You His light ought to be shining out the windows of your heart while He is repairing the mess in your rooms!

Give Hime the key, don’t just inivite Him in, give Him the entore house and all that’s in it!

That is what He has come for.

In the end it is ….

Jesus in you the hope of Glory!

If you read this thanks, but I want you to do more than just read it, I want you to really examine your heart and see if Jesus really resides there.

Jesus will not share His glory with you,

He laid down His God power over you to become you so you can become like Him!

Whew that’s a mouthful there.

Jesus became you my friend so you could become like Him!

He is standing at the door knocking…

Open your heart and let Him in!

I’m hid with Christ!