A Prayer of Faith

John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Father God, Holy Just & True

I come before You in Awe of who You are. You became flesh for me which absolutely astounds me. I don’t understand how in all that you have done, how could choose to make Yourself like us to redeem us?

The power of Your love is so shocking that it blows my mind. I cannot even begin to fathom Your love for mankind.

We are so wicked and unruly, like spoiled brats, always demanding our own way. Needy and wanton, never satisfied with Your goodness over us.

Yet, in all that, You said I will go and redeem, I will go be what they cannot be. I will be the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world.

So in love for You, although I highly fail each day to do so, I just bend my knees this day, I surrender my heart this day. Whatever You choose for me is good, right & just.

I have no offering to bring other than me. I have no gift to bring to lay at Your feet, so I lay before You Most Holy God, offering the only thing I have; my wretched, defiled sin wrecked life.

I choose this day to walk after You fully immersing my will in Your hands.

I choose to forsake all others, clinging steadfast and tenaciously to Your unchanging hand.

I’m not asking You for anything I have already been blessed beyond what I could possible contain.

I’m not asking you for the life of anyone of my loved ones, it’s in Your hand to do as You please with us.

I’m not asking for You to fill me, or use me, I’m not completely out of Your refining fire.

I am asking that you Oh Lord, who rides across the heavens, who voice thunders across hillsides, who anger shakes the earth’s foundations, I am asking You to forgive me. I am asking You to cleanse me.

To long I have wallowed in the bed of pride and arrogance, presuming to speak for You, as if You needed me to do so.

To long I have decided who or who wasn’t worthy of a piece of bread or a drink of water.

To long I led while You quietly followed me because You promised to never leave me or forsake me.

To long I have ignored the needy, because I needed something more to accumulate for my own lust or desires.

To long I have been silent when I should have been crying in the streets, shouting from the rooftops Abortion is murder, and homosexuality is sin.

To long I’ve watched others parade their vulgar, filthy mouth dialogue across my TV screen and in arrogance thought You wouldn’t really mind.

To long I’ve stayed silent while the schools slowly and deliberately faded prayer and God out of our school campuses.

To long I’ve set on the sidelines waiting for the big day to come when I could be used, and all the while You were steadily trying to get me to get up and give someone a drink of water, a cool rag for their sweaty brow.

Father, for this and more I repent, I cry out, I cover my head in shame and bend my knee in disgust, as I see so clearly what You have seen all along.

I will wait patiently for You to empty me completely of myself, my own stinky humanity.

I know that You care for me and that You love me with such an astounding love that You will do the work in my heart. You will complete what You have started.

What I have delayed by my disobedience, You have turned to work righteousness, Your Righteousness in my heart.

I am so thankful! I am so grateful!

Be it unto me Father according to what You purposed in me before I was formed in my mothers womb!

I will no longer say to You, my Creator, Why have You made me this way!

I acknowledge and submit fully to Your Lordship over me!

Gratefully, sincerely, humbly,

Your daughter,