What does Worship Mean Exactly?


 The video above is of Terry Clark and his wife, singing “Let’s Worship” Terry has a unique story of how he came to The Lord, that I recommend checking out on You Tube. I believe Terry to have a true heart of a Worshipper. His soulful rich and melodic voice draws you into worship and before you can blink, God’s peace has run out your enemies. Enjoy the beautiful harmony as husband & wife Glorify God and invite you to do the same.

 I am going to attempt to approach the subject of worship over the next several blog postings. I will explore the meaning of it all the way down to the way it’s carried out. One thing’s for sure we all have our own definition for worship and how it relates to us on a personal level. It is with this particular idea that we will explore what worship is, how it is done, and why it is done.
 I invite you to take part of this journey with me and explore God’s heart in worship and hopefully we will see His heart in a way we’ve never considered before.
Before I start the first post I would like to get know you a little better, so that I have an idea where we all are.
If you would like to participate in this ongoing post, feel free to leave your comments below or you can email me; redeemed3470@gmail.com. I assure you that if your comment is used or referenced you will get the credit for it. I have no desire in stealing any one’s words. My desire is to move us from a place that has manipulated us by over reaching & stretching the rules of engagement to personally gain or exploit the true believers. My heart is to free you to worship God in the way He created “YOU” to do so.
So with that in mind; I am going to briefly describe what I call worship.
Background info:
I believe worship is stepping outside of my ideals, my goals, my accomplishments and with joyful abandonment worshipping my Awesome creator. It is not a preconceived idea, a particular talent, nor is it a set of rules to be followed to the letter. It is completely and unequivocally random and spontaneous. It is completely free of self. Lost in the glow of my Father’s face smiling on me, the breath of His nostrils upon my brow, the feel of His arms as we dance. It’s a Holy reverence in my word, my thoughts , my life. It is unashamed awe of one so Mighty & Great. It is a passionate pursuit of Holy God. It is radical love for a Radical Savior.
Worship is not something I do, it is something I am, I am a Worshipper!
Shawn Mullin
With that in mind I look forward to doing this blog series and I hope that you will join me. I am considering making it a video blog, but I haven’t quite decided on that yet. It would be fun in a way, more interactive I suppose, but for now come on by and let’s talk about it awhile, shall we?
I’m hid with Christ!
Here is the video of Terry’s Testimony, it’s not all that long and definitely worth the time to view! Enjoy!