What’s the point of the point?



I always have random thoughts go through my mind and this one ran through and got stuck on the proverbial mud bank of my cluttered brain. Being it will not leave I am going to write and see if God has anything to say about it. Does anyone else just start writing and God changes it each word you write? Yep, that’s me.


My son loves to say this to his dad & me.  He will say; what’s the point of…


v  Having a pool, if I can’t swim in it.

v  Having cookies, if I can’t eat any

v  Having a bike, if I can’t ride it  anywhere

v  Having soda, if I can’t have one


These are all valid questions I suppose if you are six and struggling with learning to obey authority over you. How often though do we as adults get caught up in the same mentality in our own lives?


We say; what’s the point of…


v  Having church,  I can worship at home

v  Being a witness, when everyone else is acting the same way

v  Giving to the poor, when Jesus said they would always be around

v  Praying, when nothing ever changes


Do you see how we can get caught up in the same childlike thinking?


Often we allow our “reasoning” to outweigh God’s simple request to obey. The underlying cause is lack of trust and/or rebellion. Only we can answer that.


I don’t think I have to spell out in any great detail the point of all the above mentioned things. I think we all know very well the “point” of them all. Nor, do I feel the compelling need to show in scripture where each of these things can be found. You can research that on your own.


What I do feel compelled to write about is obeying authority.


Do you obey authority?


Hebrews 13:17 this verse clearly states that we are to obey those who have the rule over us? Do we? I don’t know if we do or not?


We like to say well “Christ is my head” Yet, when He said He was in the midst of those who gather in number, we don’t get up and go where the saints are?



You always hear the following response when asked about church:


That church is full of hypocrites, always talking about money. Money, money, money. Always wanting volunteers to sit with the babies always needing help with visitation. Want, want, want that’s all church is about.


Then one night in the wee hours of the morning you get that phone call from hell and your life suddenly changes on a dime. Now you are the one calling the church for help.


Hebrews 13: 16 Christ says; ‘Do good and forgot not to have fellowship (conversation) with one another’


Why do we still remain aloof and unfriendly even when we go to church? You say I’m not unfriendly; I always shake the preachers hand and say good morning or evening. Hmmm have youever gotten out of your seat and went around greeting anyone? You say well that’s the pastors job or that’s the deacons job.


1 Corinthians 16:20 Paul is saying greet each other with a Holy kiss. Yikes, we don’t even shake hands anymore.


So why do we have to obey the call to go church to start with? Why is it so important to have fellowship with other believers? For me it has more to do with being around people in one accord and lifting up praise and worship as a group. It’s the one time I can go and be fed and replenished; where I don’t have to be “everything.”


 It’s like coming home at the end of a very long work day.


Our labor is out there in the fields. Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest. He didn’t say His house was. Think about how exciting it is to come home after work and just being so thankful to finally be there. Or making it to Friday knowing you have the weekend off. This is how church is supposed to feel. It’s how it’s supposed to be. We’ve confused going to church and working church.  Sunday was and has always been a day of “rest” yet we work, work, work and wonder how come it doesn’t work out. Mind you there are things that have to be done in the house, but overall it’s place to relax with your family, enjoy dinner with the kids. A place of safety and security where you can be exactly who you are.


How many of us can say we go to a church like that?


How do we obey God and how do we know that we are?


John 15:10


The point of the point I think is that God gave us His Word. It is the full embodiment of all that He is! The written expression of God Almighty. It is a written copy of His Nature, His desires, His Judgments, His Love, His Instructions. It is everything we could ever possibly need. The church is where we gather to iron it all out. Where we can receive what we need or we can give out of us what others need.


The bottom line is that obedience is way better than sacrifice. When we obey in the simple things God blesses us with the Heavenly things!


Insubordination is still rebellion and rebellion is still the same as witchcraft! I Samuel 15:23


Like my son asking those questions, depending on the attitude is dependent on how I will deal with it. God is no different. He deals with us considering that we are fragile and frail.  Psalms 103:15-17


My son has a valid point in asking the questions. It is my job as a mom to instruct him in each occurrence.


For example;


Son, you can’t swim in the pool today because it is raining outside and it’s dangerous.

Son, you can’t eat cookies right now because supper is almost ready.

Son, you can’t ride your bike down the road alone and I can’t go with you right now.

Son, you can’t have a soda right now you have already had one.


There are many valid reasons God makes request, and it’s not to be an overlord or anything like that. He has a kingdom to run and business to do within it. He gave us the honor of working in the kingdom, the honor of bringing people to His house. It is extremely special to be a part of God’s kingdom. Likewise, it’s an honor to serve Him.


The best reason is the fellowship we have with Him. Man, that’s my favorite part. It’s like going to a movie or hanging out with your best friend. It’s exciting and brings joy to your heart. You walk away with a grin on your face and a spring in your step. For the next few moments or days you feel strengthened and alive.


Really and I believe this sums it all up!


We obey Him because we absolutely love Him!


You really have to change your perspective to get the point of the point!