Help **Beep Beep**

As I have struggled lately with writing and blogging I have come to realize that it is within the struggle that I have actually found life.

What do I mean? Well, I mean that I have struggled to overcome physical setbacks, mental setbacks and well to be honest fear setbacks.

Over the last year I have vacillated with what kind of blogger I am exactly. Not that I have a particular writing style unless you count eclectic a writing style.

I mean I have tried to find that balance of what I wish to say, how I want to say it and how it actually comes across on the page.

I’ve never wanted to be theologically (no offense +TE Hanna) I just don’t think that is my calling to debate the thee’s versus thou’s.

I’ve really have just wanted to be honest in the face of adversity and criticism. What I actually found was a community of people who embraced me warts and all.

This really changed my perspective of “the church” dramatically.

Sitting here around eight months into this thing I’m still trying to find my blogging voice so to speak. I still struggle with the message I want to convey and how I need to do so.

I cringe to think I will just be another voice in the crowd saying the same thing, the same way with the same results.

The scripture tells us to find our gift and calling and go with that.

I’m definitely not a preacher or teacher. The lessons I teach are mainly about how not to fail or fall.

My observations come though battle worn scars and untold stories of journeys through hell and death.

Finding the balance of telling you my stories without uncovering me or others has been rather tricky.

While I do have the gift of gab rarely does it translate to my blog?

What I wish to convey to you who read my post is that God is good even when we are not, that He loves us more than we can fathom or comprehend.

I need to show you that His way, Jesus’s way is the only way to heaven.

I want you to see that He passionately and thoughtfully pursues you diligently because He loves you.

I don’t want to just be a chattering voice in a cacophony of voices all saying the same things. Call it what you want it’s not Glory I seek. No rather, it’s relevance I seek.

If God calls us to do something like blog or teach or sing etc… there is a specific reason to do so and He will give credence to our actions and words.

Is it possible it takes so many to say the same thing?

One of the things I hated most growing up was copycats. It would drive me insane to have someone repeat something I said or did over and over and over. Likewise I think it’s sad when we only draw from others who study and pray and capitalize on it for our own good.

I’m not saying that you can’t be blessed and in turn share what blessed you, no I’m not saying that at all just to be clear.

What I am saying is that as a people of God our one true desire should be to be as close to God as humanly possible so that the words we speak are straight from Him.

I think we depend entirely too much on someone else’s experience with God to give credence to our actions and our words.

When is the last time we prayed about our post and studied? When is the last time we fasted and prayed about what God wanted spoken?

Or was our latest revelation something someone else said that we felt the need to expound on?

That’s kind of an odd attitude for a writer to have and it is with that thought that I have been praying about the blog in itself. Writers crave people to read their stuff. We should, but we should also give them authentic words straight from our personal experiences with the Father.

What do you think would have happened if Jesus said, uh wait a minute I have to look up what I’m supposed to say. I mean Isaiah and some others had some really good talking points for me to follow, can you gimme just a second to look it up?

You say that’s off the charts crazy. Is it really? Have you ever done that?

My last point and I’m done with it, our relationship with Christ should be so complete that every word that comes out of us should have proceeded straight from His mouth to our heart.

Jesus spoke of this in Matthew 4:4. He said that we can live and live well by every word coming out of the mouth of God.

Question is, do we?

I never want you to say that she heard that from so & so. That came from a book I read. Again, that’s not bad to do that sometimes. It’s just I want you to walk away from my blog going “wow” I felt God’s voice speaking to me.

Then in turn you go straight to God’s word and hear His voice firsthand.

What I say should send you straight to the Word of God and likewise what you say should send me there as well. This street is two way.

That all being said……

What do I bring to the table already full of words that stands out and makes a difference in your life?

How can I improve so that I’m not just another post about the same old stuff?

In short I’m asking those of you who read my post, how can I be a better blogger/writer for you?

If I have no effect with my post or they do not affectyour life for better I need to close shop and find something else to do. 

For the record I’m not fishing for a compliment either, that’s pointless. I’m not looking to build my ego.

I’m looking to improve my presentation so that you walk away feeling like you encountered God every time you read my post.

God is good and He’s always working good and I hope that you know I love you all and I’m very blessed to have your love and support!


Be Blessed with Abundant Peace~

I’m Hid With Christ