God Must Be Crazy

How often I have accused God of being absolutely, positively nuts.

I mean 90% of the time I can’t begin to imagine what on earth He is thinking.

Can you?
How many times have you walked away from something scratching your head, mumbling about what doesn’t make sense. You wonder if God might have taken a vacation and forgot to come back.

Come on don’t get all religious on me, God sees your heart!

It’s not often that I have a clue what God is up to, and I will rant and rave and go on and on about it.
I give Him tons of reasons why He must be insane to let this happen or that go by not dealt with.
I mean in another lifetime I probably could have been a lawyer, so they say.
Three of the things that I would change were I God.

  • 1) There would be no sickness~

Can you imagine with me a minute, a world with no person ever being sick? No person ever dying, no person ever being crippled by a debilitating, crippling illnesses. There would be no death.
That would be the greatest thing ever.
Untold billions of dollars have been spent trying to reach this goal of wellness and yet we still fall pitifully short of the goal.

                            Surely God is crazy not to fix this?

  • 2) There would be no poverty~

Think about every single child in the entire world going to bed tonight happy and full. Imagine the joy and the laughter from the multitudes who have never had to scrounge through garbage heaps looking for food. Imagine a world where no one went a day without water. This would take our society infinitely beyond what we’ve ever known.

                            Surely God is crazy not to fix this?

  • 3) There would be no Sorrow

If I were God I would have created people to be constantly joyful. Pain would never touch a heart in breathless whispers of agony in the midnight hours. Loneliness would never darken the door of an abandoned wife or child. The aged would go to their rest with bountiful memories of love and fun. There would be no tears.

                               Surely God is crazy not to fix this?

As I sit here with my mental calculations of how I could run the universe so much better, that still small voice, that gentle voice that guides me with His eye whispers in my ear.

I did create a world exactly like that. You should have seen how beautiful it was. I even created a beautiful garden for the man and his wife to inhabit. I intended for it to be forever.

You cannot imagine the sorrow I felt the day the serpent deceived my first daughter of creation. I can’t begin to tell you of the sheer anguish that gripped my heart when my first son of creation followed her lead.

As I walked in the cool of the garden that day I begin to plan out how I would fix this clever work of my greatest enemy, so that I can bring them back to the garden they belong in.

I knew then the consequences of that day would reach beyond centuries and spur events, that yes,  I could have controlled, but chose to wait until the time appointed.

I knew that what I had in mind would cost me a great deal and I knew a great many would reject me, they would even mock me for it.
Yet I loved them still. No price was to great to pay for their safe return.

Yet I knew that to fix this tragedy and to redeem them back to fellowship with my Father would cost me a great deal more than a beating, a mocking, or physical abuse.

I knew even then it would cost me my life.

One day not long from now you will see me in the heavens and all the tribes of earth will mourn. Every knee shall bow and call me Lord.

Yet, I will take the hand of my beautiful bride and I will dry every single tear she has ever cried. I will replace that sorrow embedded deep in her heart and replace it with a joy so full it will burst from her in billowing waves. I will remove the traces of death, I will forever cure her of her enemies mortal wound.

I will feed her with the bread of Heaven and water from the rock that never dries up. She will never again know hunger or thirst. She will feast bountifully from my table forever. I will give her the habitation I have prepared for her since the beginning.

She will be mine and I will be hers forever~

I hang my head in shame as I see the smallness of who I am compared with the greatness of who HE is.

I fall to my knees and ask for His forgiveness and I give Him the control that I previously tried to seize from Him.

So I lay all my ideas of what I think is right or wrong at His feet. How can I be bold in the face of such amazing gentleness, in the light of such grace and mercy.
I begin to realize that He is God and although I don’t understand Him most of the time, doesn’t mean I need to.

The simplest act of kindness that I can give God is to trust Him when it seems He’s lost His mind!

I leave you with this verse and I hope that you will consider that God is good even when He doesn’t make sense!
Proverbs 3:5-6

 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

God Bless~
I’m hid with Christ!