What’s Wrong With Ordinary Anyway?


Who hasn’t sat around bemoaning the fact that they are living a ho-hum life. If only they could have money, if only they could have fame, if only they could find a soul mate, if only, if only if only.

We seem to associate ho-hum with ordinary. We cross-reference the two as co equals and thus to be avoided at all cost.

Our ideals are lofty and grand and full of greater purpose and meaning. We stretch our necks out to achieve the ultimate success in life little realizing that a yoke of bondage is being locked in place instead.

We become victims of our own ambition which will lead us to depression, despair and defeat. Then the devil who helped set you up comes in like a roaring lion trying to devour you.

You see it in the headlines every single day. People going off the deep end and killing themselves, or they will kill their families, or their coworkers or anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with them.


They bought the lie that ordinary is not cool. That it’s a virus to be avoided at all cost.

We don’t understand satans mo, and he’s laughing his butt off about it.

He makes a suggestion, plants a seed in our mind and we unfortunately do the rest. We swallow the lie every single time, hook, line and sinker.

Why do we live such obsessed and driven lives? Why are we constantly pushing for unattainable marks set upon us by others?

Whether it’s in business, in fame, in fortune or love, we push and push until we have exhausted our resources and our lives resemble the insane theory called the “big bang”

We view those who live “ordinary” lives much like the rich of old viewed a woman who worked for a living. If you leave worldly theories alone long enough it will change given time.

What used to be a sign of a beautiful woman, i.e. roses and cream complexion, has become a sign of laziness and poverty.

The titantic is the tragic tale of countless hundreds losing their lives because of the favored and wealthy elite. Most of whom went on to live lives of exclusion or took their own lives shortly thereafter.

Those deemed to ordinary to be allowed up on the top deck for rescue died with dignity and grace with their arms locked tight around their children and unwavering faith in the power of a great Redeemer.

Can we not see how fickle and fleeting it all is. No wonder King Solomon said all is vanity… Ecclesiastes 1:2

Some of the most beautiful people I know will never be seen with a mike in their hand, or driving a Porsche, or walking down a red carpet in front of millions of adoring fans..

No, you will find them in the nurseries rocking babies singing Jesus loves me this I know.  You will find them in children’s church with sequins from a breastplate they are helping a child create, stuck in their hair.

You will find them at the elderly homes giving love and receiving love. Spending their free time bringing cheer into someone’s else’s lonely life.

You will find them behind the serving lines at soup kitchens making sure everyone gets a fair part or at the food pantries sorting food to be given out over holiday seasons.

You will find they lead the average ordinary lives, working at ordinary jobs, driving ordinary cars. The key is looking deeper than what your eye can even see, finding what God alone can see.

You see, these ordinary people are laying up vast treasure in heaven. They will be on the front lines one day to cast it at all Jesus feet. You will see them beaming as He smiles their way and says “Welcome home my good and faithful servant.”

So I would suggest to you that you change your dreams to reflect God’s heart. In the eyes of the only one who actually counts, who holds your very life in His hands.

You will find out ordinary wasn’t so bad after all and on that day it will matter to you a great deal.

Turn you eyes upon Jesus… Look full in His wonderful face…and the things of earth will grow strangely dim…in the light of His Glory and Grace

Philippians 4:12 I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer.

Most of us won’t even read that verse we just skim right over it really quick.

We like the next verse best because read alone it is all about our needs and who will meet them.

4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Change the which to who and voila it is all about me. The which left as it is and it’s all about the things He is using to strengthen us with.

My advice to you;  be content in the ordinary.

When Jesus looked for disciples He sought the ordinary, not the set apart. He sought the rejected not the well loved. He chose the scorned not the puffed up.

There is something to be said about being ordinary, who knows ordinary just might be the cocoon forming you into the beautiful, eternal butterfly you were created to be by the Master Creator.

God Blessings to all~

I’m hid with Christ!





5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Ordinary Anyway?

  1. Ordinarily unordinary would be preferred. Who defines what is ordinary? When given the choice of being a cup of ordinary water versus a cup of unordinary colored dye, I choose to make a distinct difference in the river of life.


    1. I had to think about your reply for a bit and I get the context of your thought. I do wonder however if in making a distinct difference in the river of life, wouldn’t that make it about you rather than Him. The truth is that God alone is supposed to shine forth and we are supposed to be hidden in Him. The context I was writing in was the motivation of the heart to define ordinary as meaningless, obscurity as fear and humbleness as weakness. Our Savior put off His Godness, you get the point being there is no such word, to cloak Himself in obscurity and ordinary so when we chose Him we chose Him because we really wanted to.


    1. Thank you for the reply and I agree we often get caught up in believing ordinary isn’t good, but yet our Savior came as an ordinary man so He could redeem us!! Now that’s a thought!


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