Drop The List, Pick up the Love Instead

Does keeping a list give you a sense of empowerment?

I’m not a list person personally although I have been known to make one from time to time.

Do you know what bugs me most about list?

They are so restraining.

Coffee _/ Beans _/ _/ Milk _/ _/ _/

If I have a list and get more than what is on it, have I compelled myself to  over indulge?

Seems to me list are a nightmare waiting to happen.

Did I follow the list?

Did I get the Milk? **** (key in horror show music)

So to me, it seems a little over the top to keep a list.

Drop the list and bye bye goes the headache/stomach ache that comes from giving over to indulgence.

I say enjoy life in peace !

I know list have their place, so all you multitasking gurus, don’t send me an angry comment about the importance of keeping a list. I hear you loud and clear~

I have somewhere I need to go with this and a valid point to make I think? “Let me check the list again” Just kidding…

Just curious when you have a list where does spontaneity fit into our otherwise crammed full of detailed list, we call life?

How can a list even be sane?

Ok, ok so on a hectic day maybe. I give, there are times you may need a list.

There are times when list are useful and serve a purpose I will give you that point. I grant you though we use list in places there should never be a way to do so.

What does this have to do with church or God’s Word you ask? Hang on I’m getting there…

Does keeping a Jesus list give you a sense of empowerment?

Key the theme song to Jeopardy right about now? The answer is: “What is yes”

How does that translate out from our  list to others?

Is your list so Holy that no one around you identifies with you?

Is your list so strict that even a prostitute wouldn’t be caught dead at your feet? I’ll explain momentarily.

Is your list so chock full with rules and regulations that people passing by you wouldn’t dare to speak to you for fear of offending you?

Is your list so forceful and dogmatic a murderer would not dare ask you to lead them to Christ?

Does your list even make room for love, God’s love?

Does your list draw others to you in excitement or push them away in shame? Do you get the idea yet?


I was listening to a preacher the other day out of Houston; Ron Hindt/Calvary Chapel. He said something I have not been able to get out of my mind yet. That has been at least a couple of weeks ago.

He said: “Drop the List, Pick up the Love”

Do you ever get weary of list?

I know I do.

Go to church _/

Pay tithes _/

Visit the Sick _/

Feed the Poor _/

Love Your Spouse _/

Take Care of Your Kids _/

None of those things are bad.

We should go to church, we should pay offerings and tithes, we should visit the sick. We definitely should love our spouses and take care of our kids.

All the above mentioned things would turn into pure joy if we would fall completely and madly in love with our Jesus~

What makes list bad is when church makes them law!

What makes list bad is when they replace the Word of God that was poured out from a love for God!

What makes list bad is when we use them to destroy others with it.

Sadly enough this is the state of church. We know the rules, we enforce the rules and people come and go who actually needed mercy instead. Yet our little narrow minded list says; God hates adulterers, prostitutes, gays and otherwise minded people. You can’t do this or that or go here or there.

I will tell you this, a list never compels anyone to obey. Only love, God’s love can do that!

Do we love others or are we like the Pharisee and motivated by laws real and imagined?

I wished I could say unequivocally I love at all times, but I don’t and I venture you don’t either.

How very arrogant we have become!

The above mentioned prostitute encountered such an attitude in the house of the Pharisee and Jesus took her side. The Pharisee was so indignant about her being there and Jesus letting her wash His feet, He failed to God’s love in motion.

Are we guilty of this?

I’m willing to say yes, I am.

If the The Lord had a list it would say:

Love God with all of your heart, soul and mind; our list would counter with first let me set the boundaries, air out the rules, make a list…

Love your neighbor as your own self; ours would counter with; but don’t you know who that woman/man is touching you? Don’t you know where they have been…

Forgive as you have been forgiven;  yea, but God you have no idea what they have done.

God says really?

My friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord I beg of you to throw down your list today and love people  just as they are. Stop playing clerk with your check list of do’s and dont’s.

Love people where they are with the Love of God He put within you~

I’m just saying maybe we should start loving others as Jesus loves us. Throw down our legalistic list and pick up the Lord’s instead…

I’m hid with Christ!