Writers Imagination

How do I feel after months of not writing anything? How does it feel to be trapped so very long within the illusions of my overactive imagination?

Lost and small within the limitless void of possibilities. Trapped within the rip tides of an endless supply of words. Nouns, pronouns, verbs and more line up in twisted and bending sentence structures crashing through my brain like the caustic sands shifting beneath my unsteady feet.

Do I wade in and catch the roll of the sneaky and overwhelming tide hoping that maybe just maybe all those words will come together as one in a beautiful display of prose or a fascinating story plot line full of suspense, mystery and thrills?

Do I wait, just as I have many times before while opportunity slips through my fingers like sand in a sieve pulling the tides back out to the vast oceans beyond?

Oh to be a writer, to share with you the words that haunt me, thrill me and exhilarate me. That send my thoughts soaring high above with the birds over the clear blue oceans below. That dive deep within the murky depths in search of its next unsuspecting prey.

To take you soaring through the breezes of my unfettered imagination that runs wild and free like the mustang stallion and his brood on the vast wilderness plains.

Just to capture the moments that forever take my breath away causing me to gulp in great gasping waves of tortured delight all at the exact same time.

If I could just convey the depths of my heart and make you feel even the tiniest pings of my emotions whether good or bad, I’m absolutely certain I would have fulfilled my lifelong dream to become a writer, a creator of words that express the hidden emotions of the soul.

Yet, as the clock silently ticks away, I realize I’ve wasted another precious day overthinking the possibilities and bemoaning the lost slips of time lost forever.

You, who surely would be my most cherished reader and friend have once more been slighted by words I cannot begin to say and feelings I cannot possibly express.

Forgive me this intrusion into your world as I leave you now to take solitude in my own lively mind once more.

Words, words, words continuously echoing off the caverns of my self absorbed mind and bruising my ever weary heart.

Listen, can you hear it?

Watch, can you see it?

Stop, did you feel that?

Mhmm, can you smell that?

I’m sorry to cut you off so abruptly, so quickly but I need to go now. I know it seems rude when I’ve spent all this time trying to capture your attention. You see, I really cannot delay, I cannot afford to wait another second or I will lose that priceless thought, that glorious vision, that vivid emotion and surely that wonderful smell.

I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of your company immensely. Please do have this walk with me again, another day. I must bid you farewell so that I can write that down and that, and that…

I think I finally feel a story coming on…

Stay tuned!