So excited to be starting a new journey this year. I’m not making any resolutions or goals. I am trusting the Lord to lead us as He wills. My family will be starting a new journey through “The Forgotten Way” by author Ted Dekker. It’s going to be so much fun as the Father reveals His heart and we answer the call. To all my Dear friends “Merry Christmas” revolve to make this year the year you follow Christ in all that you do, think or say. The journey mat be difficult at times but it’s worth the struggle.

As much as lies within you be at peace with all men…

Look up continually, pray unceasingly and love abundantly…

I’m hid with Christ!


Written by Patriot48

I am a wife in love with her man. A mom trying to love and raise my children for God. A daughter that is passionately pursuing my Heavenly Father! With Christ I'm hid (Col. 3:3) Shawn