You Tube, Yeah or Nay?

I have been carefully praying and thinking about starting a You Tube channel based on reviews of books I have read, sermons I have heard, or videos I have watched.

I also would like my husband from time to time to give a mini devotional. He is such an awesome teacher, not purely my opinion but many who have heard him teach.

My question is this, is this a good thing or a waste of time and energy?

Any thoughts, comments (for or against) would be greatly appreciated and extremely valued.

So, please lend me your ear and your voice. No builder sets out to build without counting the cost.

I’m hid with Christ,



2 thoughts on “You Tube, Yeah or Nay?

  1. Personally, I like the idea. But I would urge you and your husband to think very carefully whether to allow comments on YouTube videos as there are no shortage of internet trolls out there and they seem to be a growing horde each year, especially for anything traditionally Christian, it seems. You might link from the blog to a YouTube video, disable comments on the video, and only allow comments on the blog. Believe it or not, I saw an atheist channel with this kind of setup, which is where I got the idea actually. Most of the trolls are not worth the interaction, and the old saying “sticks and stones” is not as true as I once thought (perhaps not true at all). So this is one thing you and your husband need to decide right out the gate, I think, when doing it.


    1. I agree with you. It’s something I’m trying to consider prayerfully. There are allot of things to take into account. The number one thing is consistency. Do I have the energy to be consistent. The comments don’t bother me as much because being a blogger I’ve seen it all and read it all. However, redirecting comments back to a blog is actually a very smart idea. One it allows me to answer within one dynamic rather than multiple outlets. Comments can be overlooked coming from multiple sources. Two it gives me greater control over comments rather than those drop and roll ones.

      Thanks for the great advice…

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