Word on the Street is:

Sitting here outside on a very cloudy day that matches my current mood. I ponder where these thoughts of despair come from?

Life is always a set of steps to climb up or down so why the heaviness in the depths of my being?

Several times over the past few days I’ve heard the word Holiness, the phrase “Do Not Love the World, Neither the Things In It”

I have no problem with either of these and yet I feel this crushing weight of despair building within me.

Option one, the enemy is trying to knock me down and out with my own failure to obey either command.

Option two, the Lord is dealing with my heart about stuff I can’t seem to walk out of.

I’m betting, though I do not gamble, it’s a mixture of the two.

The value, the wisdom is submitting to the right voice.

Father help me to obey You, help me to submit to Your guidance and will.

Help me to overcome the wicked one. Help me to lay this despair at Your feet, this unworthiness that plagues my soul.

Lord help me to realize I’m complete in you, my value is in what you say and not what I feel.

Help me to see my hope my rest is in what you say because your word is truth.

I have been translated out of the darkness into Your marvelous light.

I believe Your word is true but I need Your help to obey…

I’m hid with Christ,