Life is Not for the Faint of Heart!

What does life is not for the faint of heart mean to you?

I’m sitting here in my living room listening to the rain fall like cats & dogs. Nothing is more soothing than a rainy day. Somehow it takes the cares of life and washes away the burden of them, if only for a moment.

I have been through some stuff in my life let me tell you, as we all have. Life was never about a smooth ride. Life is about completing the journey. Sometimes that means extremely challenging days, emotionally spent nights and overall exhaustion of just getting through a tremendously pressure filled day.

Who does not have these kinds of days?

Just as often there are days of glorious sunshine, spring filled breezes and moments so funny they have you rolling on the floor laughing so hard.

We all wish these days were the norm and not the exception, but aren’t they really?

This leads me to my title: ” Life is not for the Faint of Heart”

I think in my life it means that when the storms of life come and they do come, it is all a matter of perspective in how I deal with them.

Jesus said: “Do not Fear” He said He had overcome the world. Yet, at the slightest bit of thunder rumbling we go slipping and sliding in fear as if He had not spoken at all.

Remember when He told the disciples they had little faith? Didn’t they understand who He was?

Do we understand who He is?

I can tell you that I struggle at times with who He is and what He said about fear. Not gonna lie I’m not some super faith giant killer 24/7. The storms of life come and that wind starts howling, the lightning starts popping, the thunder starts booming and I’m like, see ya. I’m going to look for a place to hide.

Life is hard, people are mean at times, injustices happen, we are falsely accused or even rightly at times. We get sick, loved ones die, we struggle to put food on the table. How we deal with it says allot about our character. He said we would reap if we fainted not.

I heard comedian named Michael speak, in one of the videos he said that a family member had told him; Michael, you can’t climb a smooth mountain. Wow, that’s wisdom

Do we really want to attempt a smooth mountain?

It’s in the roughest of places that we find our greatest strengths, our deepest joys of fulfillment and our resolve to never quit.

Somehow I know in my knower that God can help us through any storms we face and He’s willing to happy dance with us in the craziest moments of victory.

I’m trying to learn to focus on God and not the storm, not the test, not the trial, but God and Him alone. I believe when I do that I’ve overcome whatever adversity the enemy is trying to tie me down with. I believe He will take my faint heart and infuse it with His strength.

Daily I encourage myself that God is on the throne, all is well.

Please don’t look at any mountains in your life and see them as smooth. There are ways to get up that mountain. Yes, it might be hard, it might be rough and you will probably get beat up and banged up all the way to the top. Just don’t stop… keep going.

Choose to make what you can’t see, what you possibly can’t understand, stepping-stones and tell the devil to take a hike down the cliff face first, you’re going to climb this mountain all the way to the top.

Enjoy the rest stops along the way but don’t stop too long at them. Keep climbing, God’s on that mountain top waiting for you and I.

When we get there He’s got a place ready for a rest, for nourishment, for laughter. He’s got a table ready and even if your enemies are there, that tables just for you in their presence. Eat up, drink up and rest in Him.

Bottom line: Life is not for the faint of heart but it is for those willing to run the race, so run my precious friends, run…

I’m hid with Christ!


Take a break and enjoy a bit of laughter on Michael, the comedian I told you about earlier.