Meet The Author

Hey Guys~

Welcome to my blog.

Just a little about me:

I am a happily married mother of 4.

I’m dedicated deeply to my Savior!

I love, love talking and sharing Jesus with any who will listen.

I am constantly seeking to be all the word of God says I am, yet I rest in the finished work He has already accomplished in me. When He said it is finished it was finished. However, this flesh of mine still has to be molded and worked into submission. No easy task I can assure you.

Anything you read from me is not because I’ve mastered it and I’m pushing on to the next subject. Far from it my dear friends. I’m constantly learning, growing and consistently being washed from all things flesh related.

I write because it helps me understand what I feel God is saying to my heart, because its theraputic and because I enjoy being able to express what is on my heart. That said, I may have to go back and rework something I have previously written because God may show something I got wrong. I’m not above correction.

I value the time you spend reading my rambling writing and I value your comments more than you possible know. I love to interact so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts at anytime. If I don’t get back to you on that same day, don’t think I’m ignoring you. I will answer you.

Until we meet on the other side of the Jordan, Be at peace, Rest in the love of God for you and above all run to Christ and be hidden in Him, Don’t love the world, come out and strive to enter into Christ! Above strive to be Holy as He is Holy.

I love you all!

I’m hid with Christ!