Wild Imaginations

When you are a child the wonderful world of imagination is a sacred place of adventure and fun. A place to get lost in the world of make believe, a world free from fear, sadness and pain.

The Audacity of God

Hovering just above the waters, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep. His voice echoing out across the inky darkness bellowing with a mighty roar; Let there be Light. Like a flash, light shot out of the darkness with a brilliant display of illuminating color and darkness fled to furthest reaches of the eternal void. God saw that it was good.

What I Fear Is Time

I find that I am more prone lately to be on my knees than anywhere else. It is a time of complete unrest as the time of Christ return draws very near. Unlike most I do not fear dying as I know I have a home where Eternal God dwells.
What I do fear is time.