The Gift of Jesus

There is so much in the pages of scriptures that tell of how awesome Christ and the work He did for us, I challenge you, I beg you to search Him out diligently and ask God to show you His Son on every single page of the Word. It will blow your mind as He is revealed from cover to cover.

Jesus is so much more than we could ever imagine and what He is doing is so much greater than we could ever dream. Let God blow your mind today with How awesome His Son is~

Through The Fire

Conjuring up images in my mind of horrendous pain, fear at unimaginable levels and extreme thoughts of no way out. I am less than sold on the idea that my survival chance are very high. Matter of fact I would say they are slim to none should I ever have to go through the fire.

The Audacity of God

Hovering just above the waters, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep. His voice echoing out across the inky darkness bellowing with a mighty roar; Let there be Light. Like a flash, light shot out of the darkness with a brilliant display of illuminating color and darkness fled to furthest reaches of the eternal void. God saw that it was good.